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NFT Project Evolution

  • This journey really began in 1987, before digital cameras and editing software entered the mainstream, when I created “Dream Series!” using my trusty Canon AT-1 SLR camera and 35mm film as my canvas, and my flashlight, camera flash and some colored gels as my pallet and paint brushes.
  • Fast forward to 2019 when I discover digital art NFTs and become inspired to learn how to create my own digital art while following other creator’s NFT drops on NFT marketplaces.
  • As the desire to create digital art burns inside me, I find a historic property located in New Richmond, Ohio that will be lost to history if someone doesn’t step up and do something.
  • I have always hoped to be able to apply my art to a useful purpose and worthwhile cause and in 2021 I realize that digital art NFTs and this historic property provide both the opportunity and the challenge to do just that!
  • In January 2022 I begin learning digital editing applications so I can finally begin creating my own digital art!  I create a website for the project and begin learning about social media hoping to meet other creators.
  • By January 2023 I have digital art collections ready to mint into NFTs and I find a talented developer to help with the smart contracts and website applications.  The rest is a future that begins right here, right now!